Purim is around the corner!

Purim is the epitome of community and giving, and there is a mitzvah to give gifts to create love and friendship known as mishloach manos.

Aish Chaim will help you fulfill that mitzvah by sending a beautiful basket with your name — and all those participating — to our members and gold supporters.

For $180 you can have your name added to all of our baskets that we will be delivering on Purim. You can also sign up to be an Esther Club Sponsor ($500)! (Click below to be a Purim gift basket sponsor this year.)

Additionally there is a mitzvah to open up our hands for the needy in our community — matanos l’evyonim. Rabbi Davis will be happy to help you fulfill that mitzvah and will be distributing all contributions made to this fund to needy families on Purim day. Click below to donate. (According to most halachik opinions one needs to donate $20 to the poor on Purim to fulfill this Mitzvah).

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