The following guidelines must be adhered to in order to be permitted to attend the Aish Chaim services:

  1. Individuals who have any flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms, or who have had such symptoms any time in the past two weeks, may not attend. 

  2. Anyone who has traveled internationally within the last 14 days, may not attend.

  3. Anyone who has come into close contact with another who has been diagnosed with or is under investigation for COVID-19, with the exception of medical professionals who followed proper protocols while treating or coming into contact with these individuals, may not attend.

  4. Attendees must take their temperature right before Shabbat begins. Anyone with a temperature above 100 degrees may not attend. 

  5. Attendees must wear face mask, cloth or shield.

  6. Attendees must maintain a gap of at least 6 feet from all those around him/her at all times during their attendance. Family members who live together may sit/stand closer. Absolutely no hugging or hand shaking.  We respectfully ask you not to congregate after the conclusion of services and classes.

  7. Individuals who are senior in age or who have serious pre-existing medical conditions are strongly encouraged not to attend. 

  8. Prayer books and chumashim will be available with advance notice. 

  9. Chairs are available and will be cleaned regularly. You may also bring your own chair. 

  10. In the event of anything more than a light and gentle rain, the minyan will be cancelled. 

  11. Attendees should wash their hands before leaving home. Additional hand sanitizer will be available. 

  12. A bathroom is available if urgently required. However, please do your best to eliminate this need. 

  13. You may want to bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated during the summer heat.